What type of sunscreen should you use for your acne-prone skin?

What type of sunscreen should you use for your acne-prone skin?

Oct 14, 2022Yash Soni

Slathering sunscreen on acne-prone skin can be scary.  And if you are like me, you probably say to yourself, "sunscreen will cause breakouts!" While the fear is justified, we need to get our facts straight. Wearing SPF is crucial, no matter your skin type, and there are no ifs or buts in the matter.  

The professionals will tell you that well-formulated sunscreen lotions can shield your skin without causing irritation or breakouts. Moreover, once your skin gets sun protection, you need not worry about early crow's feet and fine lines.

So, how do you know which sunscreen is your best bet against damaging UV rays? More importantly, why do you need it in the first place when you are battling oily skin? Let's take a look.  

Why your acne-prone skin needs sunscreen 

Sun exposure can cause acne to flare up. Moreover, the sun's heat can damage and irritate your skin. Also, UV rays encourage melanin production, causing our skin to tan. So, what are we looking at? Acne plus pigmentation? Yes, things can't get worse.

No need to pull your hair out in frustration. With the right product, you can manage your breakouts and protect your skin from sun damage too. 

While the thought of early signs of aging and wrinkles is horrifying, skin cancer is a scary reality as it can be life-threatening. Also, photosensitizing acne medication is probably a big part of your daily beauty regimen if you have acne issues. This makes sunscreen an essential part of your life. So, you see, there is not much wiggle room. But have no fear. Over the years, sunscreen manufacturers have fine-tuned their skills and know exactly what works and what does not. So, use your sunscreen religiously to keep sun damage at bay.  

What are the things you should take into consideration when buying your best sunscreen for acne-prone skin? Let's find out.  

Finding the right sunscreen for your acne-prone skin 

If you have acne-prone skin, you are susceptible to redness and irritation. Ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, calendula, turmeric, and green tea are anti-inflammatory, and a product with these ingredients can work for your skin.  

Apart from the contents, you should also check the SPF level. Opt for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more for better sun protection. The consistency of the product is vital too. Go for creams that are hydrating and lightweight. While your product controls excess sweating and sebum, your skin should feel dry to the touch. 

Check the labels 

Always check the labels before you buy the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin. Don't get tempted to buy sunscreen for its pretty packaging or its enticing scent. It may do more harm than good. Check out this list of pointers to get the best-suited sunscreen.

A sunscreen label that says it’s non-comedogenic will not clog your pores. These products are formulated to allow your skin to breathe. This saves you from the nightmare of clogging and breakouts.  

Lanolin, soybean oil, argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are comedogenic substances, so avoid sunscreen formulas that contain these ingredients.

Sunscreen products with very high penetration filters are great for normal skin as they seep deeper into your skin, giving more sun protection. However, these products can be counter-productive for acne-prone skin as they can cause breakouts, allergic reactions, and skin irritation.  

 Lower penetration filter formulas like Biphenyl Triazine protect the skin from damaging UV rays. They are light on the skin and give adequate sun protection. 

The sunscreens that contain this ingredient are the best sunscreens for acne-prone skin. 

SPF 50 is ideal for better coverage. 

Lightweight sunscreen formulas are best for acne-prone skin. They spread evenly and don’t feel greasy or sticky. A thin layer of sunscreen gets absorbed easily into the skin without making it sticky. This way, you can avoid clogged pores and breakouts; and protect your skin.  

Final words 

Due to the fear of breakouts, we often waver and avoid using sunscreen. But you don’t want to deprive your skin of sun protection either! Any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you sunscreen is vital for skin care. And hey! Now that you know more about sunscreen for acne-prone skin, you too can go out into the sun without the fear of sun damage.  

At the end of the day, you need a product that understands your skin. So, why not try the best there is? "Faith and Patience" knows just what is right for you. Check out the products, and pick the one that suits your skin type.

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