Founder Journey

Faith & Patience 

#India’s First camel milk hair care brand

Born out of passion & sheer love for hair and skin, Faith & Patience is an unremarkably Fresh, Concentrated, Effective, Natural & Trustworthy brand. 

Founded in 2018 by Richa Badhalia, the journey actually started in 2014 when she started researching and making cosmetics for friends and family. She was studying in 🎠Singapore, 🏜Dubai & 🏝Sydney for four years, where she discovered the importance of reading labels of beauty products, being aware and conscious of choosing natural and organic cosmetics. 

2015: She was astonished to see how well maintained animals are kept in Australia, Dubai & Singapore.  She discovered the world's costliest coffee is made from elephant's dung! 💩🐘

2016: Concerned about Camels getting murdered and sold for meat in Rajasthan, she researched about the Camel Conservation Project. Voilla!! Miraculous benefits of camel milk were astonishing! 


2017: Drove 240 kms from Brisbane to  Gold Coast just to visit camel milk farm and talk about Camel Conservation Project. 🐫


2018: She was studying for IAS & was teaching underprivileged children who never went to school.Faith & Patience was found to fund their school fees. F&P was hit among its customers. 


2019: Richa got married to Meet Badhalia, and together they set up a factory in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 


2020: Launched India’s first Camel milk shampoo & Conditioner to support “ Camel Conservation Project” run by NGO Camel Charishma, & to change the Beauty Game one step at a time. 

#India’s First camel milk hair care brand