How your shampoo affects your hair growth?

How your shampoo affects your hair growth?

Oct 14, 2022Kumar Prashant

What is shampoo, and what does it do to your hair?

Simply put, shampoo is a cleansing agent that cleans the hair and scalp from dust, grime, or any build-up that has happened during the day.

But we might wonder, why can’t we use regular soap bars to do the job? The formulation of body soaps tends to be harsher than shampoos and strips the hair away from natural oils, which could lead to dry, rough, and damaged hair.

Shampoos are formulated to be much milder to do the job of cleansing and also nourishing the hair the right way.

Benefits of using the right shampoo

  • Apart from making the hair squeaky clean and smell fresh, it helps remove any bacteria or infection that can cause long-term damage.
  • While sebum is a natural conditioner, prolonged periods of not washing the hair can cause build-up, clogging the hair follicles leading to breakage, foul smell, dandruff, and more.
  • Helps soothe itchiness or irritation.
  • Shampoos with the right amount of natural oils, vitamins, protein, and organic extracts can help boost growth and enhance the overall quality and longevity of hair strands.
  • And, how can we forget the boost to confidence and the overall look? We truly believe that a ‘good hair day’ is real.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair type

Choosing the best shampoo for hair growth and enhancing the overall quality of hair can be a tad bit overwhelming with the number of products launching and claiming to do miracles. But we are here to simplify it for you.

Let’s first learn about the types of shampoos that are commonly sold and their purpose:

  • Anti-dandruff: Good quality anti-dandruff shampoos comprise anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and soothing agents that will take care of any infection, flaking, itchiness, and redness caused by dandruff. We suggest you consult a dermatologist/trichologist before choosing the best shampoo for hair growth and long-lasting results.
  • Anti-hair fall: These shampoos have the right amount of cleansing agents and protein to strengthen follicles, boost hair growth and improve the overall health of the hair. After the hair-fall stops, one must discontinue using it as the hair might get used to it. One can start using it again if the problem returns.
  • Oily hair: To add bounce and life to oily hair, volumizing shampoos work best. These shampoos are light in texture and have protein and collagen, nourishing the hair fibers’ outer layer and giving it a fuller, bouncier look.
  • Dry hair: These shampoos contain added proportions of moisturizer to smoothen the texture and add a sheen to the hair. While extreme dry hair doesn’t need regular washing, we suggest a good hair mask and a conditioner must also be added to the hair-care routine.
  • Everyday/Sulphate-free: These are milder varieties and work best for daily washing (however, we do not recommend daily washing unless advised by the doctor), especially for people with really oily scalps. We recommend sulfate-free types, as daily washing can cause dryness and breakage because of harmful sulfates.
  • Cleansing: This is the harsher one as it aims to cleanse the scalp thoroughly and hair from any residue. We recommend using it once or twice a week (depending on how dirty the hair is) and following it up with a good conditioner to lock in the moisture and avoid any frizziness.

Best and worst ingredients for your hair

We must pay attention to the ingredients list to find the best shampoo for hair growth, enhance the quality and volume, and maintain scalp health. We are well aware that even the smallest amount of harmful chemicals are linked to severe health issues like hormonal imbalance, skin cancer, asthma, allergies, throat infection, migraine, and the list goes on.

To avoid:

  • Parabens: They are preservatives added to preserve the chemical composition of the ingredients in the shampoo.
  • Sulfates: While the lather might be refreshing, sulfates such as Sodium Laurel (SLS), Sodium Laureth (SLES), and Ammonia Laureth (ALS) are a big no-no.
  • Glycols: Ethylene and Propylene glycols are thickening agents used in shampoos but are known to have carcinogenic effects on the body. Some harmful effects are scalp irritation, dry and brittle hair, and hair loss.

Avoid shampoos that make tall claims but do not put show their ingredients.

Other ingredients to watch out for are dimethicone, alcohols, sodium chloride, phthalates, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, triclosan, etc.

Safe ingredients:

  • Soothing agents like: Aloe vera, Chamomile, Lavender
  • Moisturizing agents like: coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, and other essential oils (plants and seed oils)
  • Vitamins
  • Natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agents like ginger, neem, fenugreek seeds
  • Honey
  • Wheat protein

At Faith and Patience, we are constantly innovating to bring you natural, organic and safe products. Our products are void of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens and silicones and are balanced nutrition to skin and hair, and that is why we believe that your shampoo can truly make or break hair’s health. 

We have created a range of amazing Faith and Patience shampoos for hair growth that are replete with nature’s goodness. Visit our pocket-friendly combo page as well and choose a routine basis the need. And yes, don’t forget to go through our ingredients list for each variety (make it a habit!). We ensure that our products will make your hair healthy, bouncy and luscious in no time.

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