Want glowing skin? Use a Body Wash with Kesar and Chandan

Want glowing skin? Use a Body Wash with Kesar and Chandan


10 Benefits of Using a Kesar & Chandan Body Wash

The delightful blend of kesar (saffron) and chandan (sandalwood) has been used for centuries for its rejuvenating and lightening properties for all skin types. Kesar offers a radiant and rich complexion, while sandalwood retains the skin's moisture levels. In addition, its antiseptic properties are widely used to treat skin inflammation and acne.

A body wash with the natural goodness of saffron and sandalwood is all you need to eliminate different skin problems. Here are 10 benefits of using a body wash with kesar & chandan:


Fights Acne
Kesar and chandan are rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making them the best go-to ingredients for fighting the germs and bacteria that cause acne. A kesar and chandan-infused body wash calms down active acne and eliminates soreness and redness, making the skin look flawless in this process.


Heals Scars and Blemishes
Scars and blemishes can be stubborn, but the anti-inflammatory properties of kesar and chandan stimulate skin cell recovery rate by promoting cell multiplication.


Offers Glowing Skin
Pollution, weather change, and other external factors can make your skin feel lifeless and dull. Regular use of a body wash with kesar & chandan can breathe life into your skin and make it appear radiant. For example, the Signature Body Wash- Kesar & Chandan is perfect for all skin types.


Tones the Skin
Instead of including a separate skin toner in your skincare regimen, go for a body wash with kesar & chandan. Both kesar and chandan are excellent skin toners that will offer a burst of freshness and nourishment to your skin. These purifying and cooling agents rejuvenate the skin and ward off its dull appearance.


Protects Against Harmful UV Rays
The sun's ultraviolet rays are the worst enemy of your skin. They cause oxidative stress that accelerates fine lines, ageing, and wrinkles. The antioxidants in a kesar and chandan body wash protect from harmful UV rays, lessen oxidative stress and normalise free radicals.


Minimises Pigmentation
Hyperpigmentation causes dark patches on the skin because of excessive production of melaninthe pigment that gives the skin its colour. These patches are darker than the surrounding skin areas. The active compounds in chandan, like α-santalol and β-santalol and safranal, and crocetin in kesar, bring down melanin production and reduce dark spots on the body and face.


Improves Complexion
Kesar and chandan contain natural skin lightening agents. Sandalwood has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties along with omega-6 fatty acids and minerals that boost collagen synthesis and improve skin complexion. As for Kesar, it allows the skin to breathe and stimulates blood circulation, adding to the benefit of improved complexion. 


Removes Suntan
Kesar and chandan's skin lightening and soothing qualities make them handy ingredients for removing suntan. Both these ingredients are considered natural sunscreens that fade suntan when combined with milk.


Soothes Skin
A kesar and chandan body wash is rife with anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect remedy for skin rashes and sunburns. It also reduces skin irritation caused by insect bites, infections, other allergies and reactions, and even prevents skin eruptions. It offers the dual advantage of not just improving skin imperfections but even soothing sleeplessness and anxiety.


Clears the Skin of Excess Moisture
The astringent properties of sandalwood and saffron, perfectly infused in a body wash, will help your oily skin eliminate excessive moisture. They hydrate the skin cells to fight dry skin but not to an extent where your skin gets extremely oily.  


The Bottom Line
Natural ingredients like kesar and chandan work best when used in their purest form. But that's a challenging task these days. Therefore, rely on brands with the mission to offer you the goodness of natural ingredients, just like Faith and Patience's Signature Body Wash- Kesar & Chandan.

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