Waking Up Your Mind And Body: Coffee Body Lotion

Waking Up Your Mind And Body: Coffee Body Lotion


A body lotion is the most basic skincare essential in almost every household. This hydrating product keeps your skin soft and supple and protects it from dryness, scaling, and dehydration. Body lotions are specifically designed to restore moisture to your skin and maintain skin elasticity. Most of us prefer applying a subtly scented body lotion right after our morning shower to lock in moisture and refresh our minds. However, sometimes just applying any regular body lotion isn't enough to wake up your senses. You need the smell of freshly brewed coffee lingering on you all day long. And for that, Faith and Patience bring you the best Coffee Body lotion for daily use.


Why Choose a Coffee Body Lotion

Energizes and invigorates senses

The smell of coffee has been proven to uplift the mood and brush away the feeling of tiredness. Making coffee a part of your skincare routine gives you that instant boost of freshness whenever you feel like you need it the most. Applying a coffee body lotion after a shower will help you wake up your senses, and when used during your nighttime skincare regime, it offers a sense of relaxation and calmness.


Rich in antioxidants

Caffeine contains plenty of antioxidants that aid in toning and soothing the skin. When coffee oil is mixed with a blend of other natural oils and shea butter, it creates a lightweight formula that offers nourishment without making your skin greasy or sticky.


Removes dirt and dead skin

Caffeine also acts as a natural cleanser. Even in the form of a body lotion, it helps dissolve grime and dead skin present on the surface and clears the pores of your skin, thus allowing your skin to breathe. It also offers mild exfoliation to ensure that your skin stays and appears healthy.


Restores moisture to your skin

The main reason most people prefer using coffee-based products during winters is that it does not only feel comforting but also offers intense moisture. Coffee, when blended with other emollients, has the natural ability to restore moisture to skin and repair dryness or damage. If your skin is currently suffering from dark spots, tan, sunburn, or damage, trust a good body lotion to heal and nourish your skin.


Brings natural radiance

Using coffee body lotion regularly gives your a youthful glow and radiance. The antioxidants in coffee fight away free radical damage, keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Coffee also helps clarify and brighten your skin by reducing tan, dark spots, and pigmentation marks.


How To Use The Faith and Patience Coffee Body Lotion

Using it correctly is the best way to reap maximum benefits from your coffee body lotion. Here's a step-by-step guide if you're unsure about the right way to use your Faith and Patience Coffee Body Lotion.


  1. Exfoliate: Before starting your moisturizing practice, ensure all the dead skin cells and dirt particles from your skin are brushed away. You need a gentle exfoliating scrub that will unclog your skin pores. Ensure to exfoliate your skin twice a week gently.

  2. Cleanse: After exfoliating skin, cleanse it with the Coffee Body Wash by Faith and Patience. Take a small amount of the product in your hand and gently rub it over wet skin in circular motions. Once you've applied the product all over your body, wash it off with lukewarm water.

  3. Moisturise: Gently pat dry the skin with a soft towel. Then take some amount of the Coffee Body Lotion in your palm and rub your hands together to warm up the lotion. Apply it gently all over the body. Avoid using the product on your facial skin. Layer up the product whenever you feel your skin is starting to get dry.


Final Thoughts

We know how difficult it can be to feel drowsy even after a long night's sleep. But with rejuvenating bath and body products, you can refresh your senses instantly. And what better way to do so than to include the essence of freshly brewed coffee in your morning shower routine? Coffee-based bath and body products are loved not only by caffeine addicts but also by those who want to uplift their mood with the soothing smell of coffee. To wake up your mind with the scent of coffee without having copious amounts of it, we suggest investing in an excellent coffee-scented body lotion by Faith and Patience that includes naturally moisturizing oils and butter to give your skin the perfect blend of invigorating aroma and nourishment.

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