Pee Funnel


Rs. 225.00 Rs. 290.00

Female reusable urination device allows women's of all ages to STAND & Urinate with its unique designed funnel - when you don't want to sit on an unfriendly toilets. A must have device for hospital & medical needs, highways & outdoor, railway & metro as well as public toilets.

It is a revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when traveling fights or train or highways for work or leisure treks, marathons, road trips, events or those with medical condition joint pains or pregnancy.

It comes with simple open place pee throw instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills. 

No more wiping of seat, no more squats, no more holding it in.

With  F&P Pee Funnel, you don't have to worry about Urinary tract infection in public restrooms which are the ideal places for bacteria and infection.

Designed to your comfort and convenience, it fits perfectly into a pocket or clutch bag. 

• No more wiping of seat

• No hovering/half squat

• Avoid touch with seat

• Funnel shaped

• Water resistant

• No cringing in loo

• Portable & reusable

• Easy to use

• Alternate for seat