Oily Skin? This is the Anti Acne Serum you need in your Everyday Routine

Oily Skin? This is the Anti Acne Serum you need in your Everyday Routine

Aug 22, 2023Vidhi Gupta

Acne is a common skin concern affecting people of all age groups and demographics. While acne is pretty common, it has become more widely found today. Acne not only causes physical discomfort but also impacts a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

There are dozens of reasons for the same including our changing lifestyle, eating habits, exposure to increased pollution, and products with harsh chemicals. It is not possible to avoid or bring about a change in all these contributing factors.

Having that said, you should also not just let your skin be. Do not wait to get to the age where it might eventually disappear on its own. While hormones play a huge role, outside factors matter a lot too.

If you wish to witness a positive change in your skin, then you need to incorporate some changes in your routine too. Oily skin is oftentimes the biggest cause of acne and breakouts. And the one thing that will truly bring about a change is a good anti acne serum.

Your skincare routine should be one that has been specially curated to accommodate your skin type. Dealing with oily skin can be tricky because of its changing nature. But we are here to help you guide towards the right way of picking an anti acne serum. The trick lies in choosing one with the right ingredients.




Acne has a lot of types and can appear in various forms. Blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts, and pustules and papules. Each has a different appearance and some are even painful.

There are various reasons that cause acne. No matter your age, acne could just pop up overnight and end up making you feel like a teenager. But have you ever thought about the factors that contribute towards the development of these little embarrassing agents? Well, here are a few of them –


  1. Excess Sebum Production – Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Its job is to keep the skin lubricated. However, people with oily skin experience excessive sebum production. It leads to clogged pores and consequent appearance of acne.
  2. Bacteria – Not all bacteria are bad. However, excess of anything is bad. Thus, when the Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium residing on our skin’s surface, multiplies due to clogged pores, inflammation is felt.
  3. Dead Skin Cells – Our skin sheds dead skin cells as it deems fit. However, sometimes when the process does not happen as it should, it paves way to acne when mixed with clogged pores and sebum.
  4. Hormonal Changes – The human body is such that it is always evolving. Thus, our hormones are continuously changing too. This can lead to a lot of internal as well as external changes, including increased sebum production and acne.
  5. Skincare Products with Harsh Chemicals – We all use products on our face, mostly with the intention of helping our skin. However, when products with harsh chemicals are used, it can backfire. Thus, one should be careful when choosing skincare for acne prone skin.


An anti acne serum can have a humongous impact on your skin. But what is more important in your quest to find the right serum for oily skin is to go through the ingredients carefully.

Before you finalise on the right serum for acne prone skin, you should do a thorough research on its mentioned ingredients.




If we are talking about Faith and Patience’s anti acne serum, the ingredients will blow your mind. Let us take a closer look at what each of its key ingredients does to help your skin heal.


  1. Niacinamide

 Glass Skin Serum by Faith and Patience comprises 5% niacinamide. This one ingredient holds the potential to deal with various skin issues, mostly targeted around acne and hyperpigmentation.

Here are some of its potential benefits –

-         Niacinamide aids in the regulation of the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. By preventing these glands from over-producing, all skin types benefit from it.

-         Many studies show that 5% niacinamide is helpful in the treatment of dark spots.

-         Those who suffer from eczema may benefit from niacinamide as it helps the skin to grow a lipid barrier, thus retaining moisture.

-         It may also lead to minimising wrinkles and fine lines.

-         It also helps build keratin. This protein is responsible for keeping skin healthy and firm.


  1. Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid belongs to the dicarboxylic acid family and is naturally occurring. It holds a sea of antioxidant and antibacterial properties, thus also working as a great exfoliant.

5% azelaic acid in an anti acne serum is all you need to see the desired difference.

Here is why it works best as an ingredient in our anti acne serum.

-         Azelaic acid holds the power to kill acne-causing bacteria on our skin. Propionibacterium is the bacteria that is found in acne. This acid decreases its activity.

-         Azelaic acid aids in decreasing pigmentation. Thus, helping those who suffer from acne breakouts and post-acne scarring.

-         It also helps in neutralising or countering free radicals that are the main reason behind inflammation. It may also have a positive effect on reducing skin redness.


  1. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that is extracted from willow bark. For an acne prone skin, 2% salicylic acid is enough to witness a positive result.

Here is how salicylic acid is beneficial in anti acne serum.

-         Salicylic acid unclogs the skin pores. It does so by preventing the dead skin cells from getting accumulated.

-         It is known to work greatly on reducing blemishes. This acid has some great lightening and brightening properties. It also works on hyperpigmentation.

-         Salicylic acid works well in anti acne serum because it reduces excess sebum production. Regular usage may help in clearing debris, exfoliating skin, and reducing sebum.

-         It is also known to tighten skin pores. Thus, making the skin look younger and smoother.




Each ingredient that goes inside our Glass Skin Anti Acne Serum with Willow Bark Extract works efficiently towards making your skin healthier and happier.

All you have to do is carefully read the usage directions while repeating affirmations. Believing you have acne-free skin is the best way of achieving one. Our serum plays the role of an agent making it happen for you.

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