Read This Before Buying an Acne Spot Correction Gel

Read This Before Buying an Acne Spot Correction Gel

Sep 26, 2022Kumar Prashant

Acne can be annoying. Most of us are fine with the condition thinking that the skin doesn’t need to be clear and smooth. But acne scars can be stubborn and remove the skin’s natural radiance, leaving it dull and dark. The main causes of acne include excess sebum, one’s diet, the weather outside and clogged pores. Although seeing a dermatologist is the first thing you must do when you have acne, an easy remedy would be using an acne spot correction gel available over the counter.

Choosing the Correct Acne Spot Correction Gel

Before buying an acne spot correction gel to reduce the appearance of acne spots, these are the main factors you need to consider:

  • Acne severity: This is important because some products are specifically formulated for severe acne, like retinoids and topical antibiotics, while others are suitable for mild acne.
  • Strength: Consider how potent are the active ingredients in the gel. If you have sensitive skin, avoid gels with high-strength ingredients, as they might cause skin irritation.
  • Skin Type: Some gels might not suit people with sensitive skin, while others may render the skin dry. Therefore, you must consider your skin type and its susceptibility to allergies before buying an acne spot correction gel. The best is to perform a patch test to identify adverse reactions.

Benefits of Using an Acne Spot Correction Gel

Acne spot treatment gels have a plethora of benefits to offer. These include:

  • Treats Active Acne and Reduces Spots: The best acne spot treatment gels not only fade acne scars but also help reduce further acne breakouts. They fight acne-causing bacteria, dry out active acne and exfoliate the skin to minimise pores caused due to acne.
  • Soothes the Skin: Most gels available in the market are formulated using safe and natural ingredients. Thus, they have reduced risks of allergies and irritation. With just the right amount of active ingredients like papaya extract, orange, lemon, apple, aloe vera, pineapple, neem and calendula, the Spot Correction- Aloe Vera Gel from Faith and Patience will be the ideal choice here. This 100% organic gel soothes the skin, reduces redness caused by acne and offers you glowing and smooth skin with continued usage.
  • Fast Acting Results: With the right acne spot treatment gel, you can see visible results on your acne spots within just a few days of use.

What You Should Not Do When Using Acne Spot Correction Gels

When using an acne spot correction gel, there are a few things you should not do:

  • Do Not Skip Your Regular Skincare Regimen

Just because it seems you have chosen the best product to make your acne spots disappear does not mean you must take your skincare regimen lightly. Spot correction products are generally used at bedtime after cleansing, toning and applying moisturiser on the skin. Do not skip this routine at any cost.

  • Do Not Miss the Right Order

Make sure to apply the gel in the correct order. Your spot treatment should go on your skin after cleansing and toning but before creams and serums. Active ingredients like acne spot correction gels are best applied on clean and clear skin. Using them over thicker oils or creams might not penetrate deep into the skin to offer satisfying results.

  • Do Not Steer Clear of Your Moisturiser

Having acne-prone skin does not mean you must skip your moisturiser. Go for a non-comedogenic, gel-based, lightweight formula that hydrates your skin without aggravating the acne breakout. It is critical to moisturise your skin when using a spot treatment. Avoid using home remedies or irritants after skin moisturisation, as you might get rashes or burns.

  • Do Not Overuse Your Spot Correction Gel

Yes, spot correction gels are effective but avoid using them several times during the day or the night. You can use them once daily because overuse can irritate the skin, making the acne spots darker instead of lighter. 

The Bottom Line

It is impossible to get rid of acne spots overnight. Popping, squeezing or picking the acne can make them worse and aggravate the scarring. But with a suitable acne spot correction gel like Faith and Patience’s Spot Correction- Aloe Vera Gel, no need to worry about those acne spots anymore. This power-packed gel unclogs inflamed pores, cleanses them deeply, and prevents the formation of scars and blemishes. Be it hormonal acne or stress-related breakouts; this spot correction gel ensures visible results within just a few days of usage. So, get it now for spot-free smooth skin!

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