Love your Hair Colour? Protect it with the Right Shampoo for Coloured Hair

Love your Hair Colour? Protect it with the Right Shampoo for Coloured Hair

Aug 10, 2023Vidhi Gupta

Most Indian women are naturally blessed with black hair. However, this is the era where people prefer to shake things up a little.

Are you bored of your black hair too? Well then, getting your hair coloured is no big deal today. There are various ways of making it happen. It includes box dyes and temporary hair colour sprays. You can also go with either of the multiple permanent options.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from and flaunt. Whether you find yourself falling for fiery red or cobalt blue, adding a splash of hue can revamp your entire look.

But what happens after that? What happens after you have coloured your hair and wish to protect it from bleeding away too soon or fading off?

With a brilliant hair colour comes significant responsibilities!

We are talking about maintaining the new hue!

And trust us, it is not easy maintenance! No one likes it when their coloured hair does not give off the same vibe as it did at the beginning. But what everyone dislikes, even more, is when their hair gets damaged.

If you love your hair colour, then protecting it with the right shampoo for coloured hair is essential! Here are some things to keep in mind after you have dyed your hair.


Protecting Coloured Hair

Protecting hair amid today’s pollution, heat, and chemically infused products is anyhow pretty difficult. However, that does not mean we stop trying. It only means we follow post-colouring etiquettes to the T.

Let us learn more about them.


  1. Use a Sulphate-free & Paraben-free Shampoo

Your top priority after adding a hue to your current hair tone is to pick the right shampoo. Carefully choose a shampoo for coloured hair that is sulphate-free and paraben-free.

Such shampoos are gentler for your tresses and your scalp too. One made with natural and organic ingredients is the best.

Camel on Trend – Damage Repair Shampoo has been specifically made for coloured and keratin-treated hair. It is composed of the goodness of camel milk, red wine, honey, rice water, and glycerine.

Camel On Trend Shampoo

This one shampoo is all you need to condition and strengthen your hair. It will also protect your strands from breakage and frizziness.


  1. Avoid Washing your Hair Everyday

Having the right shampoo for coloured hair by your side can surely make you feel like you have unlocked it all. However, even the best shampoos can do only so much.

While the shampoo will minimise the damage extent, you should be wary about how often you use it. If you were shampooing daily earlier, it must stop. Frequent hair washing does more harm than good.

We do not suggest you keep a dirty scalp but wash it as and when needed.


  1. Deep Condition Every Time

Hair colours can sometimes make your hair appear rough and frizzy. It can happen more often over time. The best way to tackle this is with the help of our Camel in Tahiti – Deep Conditioner.

This conditioner comprises camel milk, nettle, Tiare flower, and hydrolysed wheat protein. Each of these ingredients is sourced from the best and incorporated together to bring you this fantastic product.

Get smoother, firmer, and healthier hair with organic ingredients.


  1. Switch to Cold Water Showers

Hot water tends to open your hair cuticles. Thus, the chances of your hair colour escaping heighten.

Cold water showers do the opposite. They seal the cuticles off, ensuring minimal colour loss. Thus, both are directly proportional to one another.

Even when you are using the right shampoo for coloured hair, you should give preference to cold showers instead of hot ones.


  1. Start Masking

Coloured or treated hair often looks and feels as if they lack nourishment. But this isn’t something a good hair mask cannot solve.

Made with the goodness of avocado, amla powder, shea butter, and hemp extract, among other natural ingredients, Avocado Hemp Hair Mask by Faith and Patience will provide your strands with the missing nourishment.

Make this a part of your hair care routine with a good damage repair shampoo for coloured hair. Just use it a couple of times a month before shampooing your hair. Witness a positive and visible change.


Getting your tresses coloured can give you a lot of confidence. Every colour has a personality and can be used to reflect yours too.

Once you colour your hair, don’t let outside factors dull it. Use a good shampoo for coloured hair and keep the hue as long as possible and in the best state too! Get your shampoo today!

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