Sensitive - Organic Cotton Pads

Extra Soft Sanitary Pads
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Rash FreeLeak ProofEco-FriendlyIncrediblyThinNaturally Soft

Made from non-chemical, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable materials, such as compostable cellulose wood pulp and plant starch as well as unbleached cotton.

1. Choose the right size pad for your needs.

2. Remove the pad from its packaging.

3. Peel off the backing paper to reveal the adhesive side.

4. Stick the pad onto the inside of your underwear, with the adhesive side facing down.

5. Adjust the pad as needed to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

6. Change your pad regularly, usually every 4-8 hours, or as needed.

7. Dispose of used pads in a trash bin.

Our Values

We Care

Freshly Handcrafted

In house Manufacturing

Advance Researched formulation

FDA Approved

Organic & natural Ingredients

Sulphate, paraben & Toxin Free

Made In India

Clinical Study

What Our Customers Experience
increase in comfort decrease in rashes increase in hygeine
 increase in comfort
decrease in rashes
increase in hygeine


Solved quiries

Our boxes are not customisable as they are already customised to your convenience and meet all your period requirements. Each box has a total of 12 pads. To make your period cycle more convenient, we offer four pads in each size: Light, medium, and heavy, according to your period flow.

Yes, these sanitary pads have been dermatologically tested and certified to be completely safe and non-irritant to the skin.

We ensure the appropriate size requirements for pads are met, with our Light, medium, and heavy, according to your period flow.

Our team has taken the right precautions and gone through great lengths to ensure use of the right grade of cotton to ensure your skin receives maximum comfort. Cotton is also one of the most skin friendly materials in order to ensure that you have a rash free period.

Each Sensitive Organic Pads comes in an individual disposal cover with a resealable flap. After use, place the pad into the disposal cover, seal the flap and discard it in a bin.

Sensitive - Organic Cotton Pads

We usually deliver in 2-3 days.