Oh Bloody Chums! Menstrual Cup


Rs. 250.00

Oh Bloody Chums! Menstrual Cup

Being a woman takes a lot of strength, emotions, sensitivity, physical pain and much more. It also means sharing a connection that extends beyond age and race, and a bond that brings them together at a level only women understand.
So here we are to help all the lovely women out there to transition to a better period. It’s bloody normal!
Oh Bloody Chums! Is a circular, soft and suction-free menstrual cup that can last up to 8hrs. It is easy to use, better for your health, better for the environment and won’t bleed your budget. For further information, kindly refer to the product information and user guide inside.

Size Recommendation

S - Recommended for teens & first-time users 
M - Recommended for Young Adults 
L - Recommended Post Pregnancy 

(Chill, you won't lose your virginity)

STEP 1: Before the use
  • Before the first use in every cycle, sterilize your cup in boiling water for 3-5 mins.
  • Keep enough water to ensure the cup does not touch the bottom of the pot and bum out. 
STEP 2: Insert the cup
  • Remember to wash your hands and cup before insertion every time.
  • There are many ways to fold and insert the cup. Try options for your best comfort.
  • Relax your muscles and either stand, squat or sit on the toilet. Insert slowly.
  • Once inside, let it pop open. Try pulling it out a bit. Rotate the cup to ensure lock. The base of the cup should feel round to check cup is placed properly.
STEP 3: Remove the cup
  • Remember to wash your hands before removing the cup every time.
  • Pull the stem slightly while pushing the cup using abdominal muscle till you reach the base of the cup.
  • Hold and pinch base mildly to release the vacuum suction and gently remove the cup.
STEP 4: Empty, Wash and Re-Insert
  • Empty your cup in the toilet.
  • Rinse the cup well with water.
  • If you do not have access to clean water, use plain wipes to clean.
  • Re-insert as directed in STEP 2.
STEP 5: At the end of every cycle
  • For safe storage, sterilize your cup in boiling water for 3-5mins.
  • Store in a provided drawstring bag for carrying safe and secure.